Our main therapy areas:
- oncology
- hematology
- transplantology
- immunology
- rheumatology / autoimmune diseases
- allergology
- targeted therapy (biologic) therapy, immunotherapy
- vaccines
- infectious diseases
- virology
- cardiology
- thrombosis
- hemodyalisis
- other (please contact us)
Our partners
Фармлайн, оптовая торговля медикаментами

comma medica, is an Organization providing professional consulting for pharmaceutical companies,
CROs and medical / scientific / clinical institutions in the field of Clinical Operations, Medical & Marketing Affairs
(advising, consulting, support).

The main task of comma medica, is to provide and improve market
access for pharmaceutical companies from Western countries to fast growing Russian and CIS market.

comma medica, is based in Berlin, Germany and was founded by a group of clinicians and scientists who are professionals in the area of healthcare, clinical trials and medical affairs.
Our activities are designed to provide high quality assistance in launch and monitoring of clinical
trials, launch of new pharmaceutical products (drugs etc.) including support and expertise of marketing
material and activities, scientific events, educational programmes and slide kits for physicians and medical / sales representatives,
and medical writing.
Some of our activities are providing with help of our professional partners well known in Europe or even worldwide.

comma medica, collaborates with well experienced specialists including European level Key Opinion Leaders and
Healthcare Professionals (mainly from Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Israel, Russia, Spain and other countries)
that could be involved as external consultants in our activities or for example as lecturers or tutors in scientific events
and programmes that comma medica, is involved in.